CLAUDIO RANIERI: LESTER BOSS may not have seen the very attractive TOTHENHAM GAME 

Formerly Leicester’s boss Claudio can not see the definitive match between Chelsea and Tottenham on Monday, as he is in flight from Italy. In the 1xbet bookmaker premiere league, Tottenham won’t win on Stanford Bridge, saying, “I want to see the match but it’s Tottenham from Italy.” My mother is 96 years old. “Italian has never won a […]


Leicester City-In the 2016 Premier League, victory highlights the sport’s history.Under the leadership of 1xbet new, simultaneously fooling managers drove along an established team with one ex-League non-larva, unique resource and pedigree winner title, but this is the most wonderful Is it time? More romantic, more impossible, and more exciting than in any other year […]

I do not like Nico Rosberg for Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 

Mercedes has rejected Nico Rosberg’s positive criticism of the Lewis Hamilton team this season and has been criticized on social networks to decide “disgust, opposition, and conspiracy.” Sunday’s Grand Prix-Russia had not water pressure as engine for last 16 laps-“Hamilton cars finished. They admit that they did not meet their” reliability expectations “in 2016. At the beginning […]

Thomas Bach: Possible UN ban over Russia 

Other Russian sports federations may be banned if the state’s latest statement on automatic doping is proven, Olympic president Thomas Bach said. Russia in track and field sports has stated that it has expressed “crime of unimaginable level”.President Bach, the Imperial Commission (IOC), said that, if proven, the recent allegations by former Russian anti-doping agent worker […]

David Ginola: The original French wing has four reverse shunts of the heart 

Former winger David Ginola from France is recovering at a hospital that has had 4 bypass surgery in Monaco and 49-year-old former Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton retired in 2002 on Thursday in southern France Fell over. Surgeon, talking on the family of authority, live it and has said, “was very lucky” to BBC Sport Ginola: […]

JAMIE Miss National Entertainment Games for Weddings 

Leicester City striker Jamie’s 29-year-old child postponed the wedding last year and then moved him from June to play at the Euro 2016. England national team Roy Hodgson said it should give Vardy an appropriate time to marry, but Frontman longs to return home as soon as possible: “The boss gives Wednesday to marry me But […]

But where is what this starts to get difficult for the island 

“Mike Friday does not think that Ireland can beat 10 seconds and throw in the fastest runner Top Echelon,” said the Sevens Charisma coach in the United States.I cancel this out here now, “British told CNN in the London Sevens final,” it missed as he recovered from his injury. “There is no cat in hell by […]

TOUTNEN STEP DAVIS PLAINS of SAUTGEMPTON was rejected twice because it broke the second place 

Steven Davies made Tottenham 2nd and scored 2 in Southampton, Maine Sung Hyun Min picked up the ball on the empty net through Forster and pursued the desperate case of the knife. When JanVertöngen’s Spurs went out of the lineup, Middielder Davis won and the substitute Shadli helped reduce the host’s downtime, but he did his […]

ALISTER KUK 10000 TEST WORKS: Author of Epic Beast Writers 

Alistair Cook 10,000 test pieces: The epic novel novelist Alistair Cook closed his 10,000th trial run in the first test against Sri Lanka and his collaboration with Alex Hales over the first 15 of the match I let it run 28 times. Because this is cricket, the contrast only helps to highlight Cook’s special attraction as […]