JOEY BARTON: Ranger banned haractor for 3 weeks after the line 

Rangers, following a fierce debate with their teammates, suspended Joey Barton for three weeks six days after returning home from training, a 34-year-old man admitted to saying “inappropriate” to a friend. Statement Rangers said club and manager Mark Warburton now feels that all parties need “time and space.” N was asked about the player at a press conference with the South Queen of the League Cup at a preview meeting held on Tuesday, but declined to say whether Burton would continue to be paid during his suspension. He said that, except for being released from the club this morning, the players and the staff to say their opinions with respect, “I am convinced that I can understand it from my position and the position of the club.” Environment for. “Please do it in the right order. Otherwise you will get fleas.” It is about respecting how we deal with each other. I have no problem with the player of expression. The verbal sparring between Burton and Holiday came as Rangers players considered a 5-1 defeat at the Scottish Premier League rival Celtic. Between the club and Monday, Barton issued a statement on Thursday, in which he acknowledged that he “showed signs of violation”. “Some of what I said is inappropriate and I apologize without a reservation,” he wrote. He added that he did not announce the announcement a couple of minutes after the announcement was announced and he deleted the reading: “Apologizing does not necessarily mean that you are wrong, the opponent The next day he interviewed on the radio-he said he had returned home, and not because he had a frank exchange of views with Warburton. Wrong Burton joined Rangers as a free agent on a two-year contract, after rejecting the proposal to renew Burnley’s contract.Ranger’s Burton’s career should now seem to be effectively over. If Mark Warburton’s manager decides that the player can return to the national team without seemingly debilitating credibility, Barton is still selectable. “He became a foolish and assertive person in the locker room, as he acknowledged, and his short spells to the Rangers had a slight impact on the scene. The team seemed more convincing even without him.

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