BLANT HAMMERS indicating that the end needs to be attacked 

West Ham could not enter the European league group stage as Astra Jourgyu was knocked out in the qualifying round for two consecutive years. After the game, West Ham’s Jonathan Carreri and Winston Reid missed the opportunity and Ashley Fletcher approached, but West Ham could not avoid the first competitive loss at the London stadium. I often have a team desire in the first half. A dull hammer shows the need to attack the edge Hammer’s Bosbirick emphasized the importance of getting a job and reaching the European League group stage after starting the qualifying round in late July. He won only once in the five leagues of the season, but won by converting one of the only two shoots that scored on Thursday. Horvat says he is interested in signing Manchester City ahead of Boni, but does not “seek” anyone to join the club. However, all three of Payet, Andy Carroll, Lansini and Andre Aija were injured, and they did not have enough creativity and a threat to attack. Argentine striker Calleri, who has signed with Manchester United in the summer, lost only two great opportunities.

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