RIO OLYMPIAD 2016: British Jazz Carin Victory 400 M, Free Silver 

UK’s Jazz Carlin, the American of the Katy Ledeka who has won world records, gets a freestyle of women’s 400m in Rio 2016, and a 25-year-old Welsh swimmer spends 50m away with American Leah Smith , Won the second medal of the GB team at night. The moment right after Adam Petit got a gold medal in 100m swimming. Karlin VVS.Ledecky dominated by the end of the third of 56.46 seconds, Karlin hit home at 4:01, 23 and Smith scored a bronze medal at 4: 01.92. The Last Table Medal British silver medalist adds: “This is an unbelievable feeling. I was in the pool room watching Adam. I was doing a British silver medalist at the block of Jazz Carlin.” A watcher in the morning’s ridiculous time-I’m just seven The day is EBE. “I thought I would come here and give it absolutely everything and not regret at all. Sometimes you swim, I think there may be a little left, but I always need to catch up No, and I never needed to get into it, I wanted to get myself involved in the race, swimming, so I was just trying to leave: “I was in the pool room and was watching Adam And I had a goose bump in the block, and it was definitely a inspiration to see one of my teammates reach a new world record and become an Olympic champion who swims in front of you. I missed the selection in London in 2012, but 800m freestyle and silver at a 400m event at Commonwealth Games, which was held in Glasgow two years later 4 years ago, I was sitting on Team GB’s stand, but now I’m part of the team and have won a silver medal. It’s really great. 800m free in London in 2012 The winner of Ledecky who won the gold said.Swimming from 3 to 6 feels very good and I was very kind. This is before pure happiness. I left a lot at the end. It became more pop with the la strap. 

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