England vs Pakistan: SOHAIL KHAN takes 5-96 with Miss Kopus for 297 

Soheil’s right-handed Seamer combined numbers from 1 to 245 in two tests in 2009 and 2011, but was not an architect since the collapse of the UK’s top orders.Outside of the form, Alex Hales defended his back at 17 feet, the 325-point Joel was successful in the second test, and the first slip was trimmed to 3 when trying to pass the exit side. None. Capitan Alistair Cook had a 45-ball strike for 45 days so TAP was pushing to Rahat Ali, but the balance allows James Vince to add 69 to his fourth wicket The England was unreliable 158-5 when Johnny Bairstow was trying to cut something too close from Sohail. They reach nearly 300 and ow much to BDI’s unified Ballance using pads and clamps to prevent bending, sometimes pushing discs to test for half a century since last summer and with him anomalous restraint Moein turned 66 over 27 and the partnership was Moeen, as the ball yarded the leg yard Chris Woakes stabbed Rahat back and Stewart Broad kicked up the first ball with a new ball height third slip. He was persuaded to play more aggressively. Vania.Moeen finally made a drop at Amir, and Sohail defeated Stephen Finn’s squall, who secured the last James Anderson TAC, and won Pakistan after winning the first test.

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