The future of the Eurozone in 2016 has business with future investors 

Knowing Roy, I think that his boss of the football association, Greg Dyke, is negotiating his future while England is still at Euro 2016, which will bother him. You have to be bright enough to ask some questions from the hotel, and the tournament continues For me, the progress from England was definitely after the 2014 World Cup. A lot of talented players gather and they play well, desire and at the forefront. When a lot of people suggest that he doesn’t, he allows them to go out and express themselves, but apparently based on the next few weeks, not the last two years I will. And, it is impossible for him to maintain power unless Britain defeats Iceland. At the same time, if you reach the semi-finals, it is clear that the situation is quite different and what is achievable? At the moment we are doing well. Since our guesses about Roy’s new contract will not affect Monday’s team preparation and performance, let’s deal with all of this when the tournament is held. Due to the weak links with Etienne and Russian Group B, they and manager Roy Hodgson were not good enough for the Euro 2016 exhibition. Hodgson was one of the most bizarre moves made by England coach in a more convenient route major tournament to the playoffs of the tournament, and chose this important moment to change his direction by six. As we saw their 3-0 victory over Russia take the first place in the group, we leave only 0-0 as a beneficiary. Three gates and three gates were blocked, but far away from a 5-2 knock on Les Bleus at the 2014 World Cup, they could have played well and achieved 58% of the play time unknown. If Sagna got a right to get a penalty kick when Fama Jemaili got a foul, this is the first attempt to lead the group to the top of the host and the right to play off the European Championship.

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