Human Match-Pie (France) 

French manager Didier Deschamps recently said that something happens every time you touch the ball, and a West Ham star proved it directly. He seemed to be the only player who could open to Romania. They said French manager Didier Deschamps:. “This was a tricky game. Romania made it difficult-in the first 20-25 minutes we struggled to open the tournament game, how to play in the cup final, and We were a bit, “But I won and won four attack players. They are glad they got it.” Former French striker Thierry Henry’s BBC Radio 5’s It was broadcasted live.Brazil, he participated in each qualifying match, but they took it from him .. “Today you saw an injured man. You did not take me to the World Cup And I’m going to show you he wanted every ball, you can’t win the game yourself, but a blow … my god, “from him what is happening to him now No one would accept the question, he showed tremendous desire, and he was the one who advanced the team.”

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