David Ginola: The original French wing has four reverse shunts of the heart 

Former winger David Ginola from France is recovering at a hospital that has had 4 bypass surgery in Monaco and 49-year-old former Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton retired in 2002 on Thursday in southern France Fell over. Surgeon, talking on the family of authority, live it and has said, “was very lucky” to BBC Sport Ginola: tweets from Friday Ginola account “Hello, I do not sleep, I’m fine, rest a little Needed, “David happened a kind of charity football game. Suddenly he lost his mind and people thought it was a joke, but after a minute or two he realized it was serious, said Gilles Dreyfuss, a heart surgery professor in the heart of Monaco. He was trained by CPR because otherwise he would have died. Then they called the rescue team who arrived with cardiac arrest 8 minutes later with him. “I talked to the captain, and he knew that I was in the ambulance. My personality is because she looked at it in the morning and asked someone, “If not, maybe she would not find him in time to save him.” Mind, he was shocked four times on the spot, they were able to recover normally Heart rhythm and within 10 minutes a helicopter arrived to transport him to the center of Monaco. “I decided to transfer him to the operating room, and he immediately received a difficult quadruple of heart bypass,” he got up this morning. There is no neurological damage, and recovery after passing the detour is, in principle, impossible for anyone. “ANGLIA AGAINST JAPAN LANKA: With the continuing partnership between Alex Hales & Johns BA IRS TOWING E Alex Hales and Jonny Bairstow, England has escaped from the characteristic collapse of the blow. Ranki benefited from a swingballer’s bad blow and good conditions, but the test was not the one from the opening hales, but the best result out of 71, and the 54 gray clouds unbeaten than 54 in Yorkshire are the first tourists The ball was not beaten as they were invited to take him to England, and they wanted to repeat their famous victory here two years ago.

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