Thomas Bach: Possible UN ban over Russia 

Other Russian sports federations may be banned if the state’s latest statement on automatic doping is proven, Olympic president Thomas Bach said. Russia in track and field sports has stated that it has expressed “crime of unimaginable level”.President Bach, the Imperial Commission (IOC), said that, if proven, the recent allegations by former Russian anti-doping agent worker Stepanov will be “a shocking new phase in doping”. According to a separate report by the New York Times, former Prime Minister of the Anti-Doping Institute in Moscow, Rodchenkov is part of a large state program with dozens of athletes including at least 15 medalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics Claims to be. Bach said the IOC “apply a policy of zero tolerance not only on individual athletes, but on the entire environment of its entire range.” “The adoption of the suspension or exclusion of the All National Federation, as it already exists for the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) for athletics,” said Germany. The Ngovoy Agency (WADA) investigated suspicions in Sochi, while the Russian sports world said in a winter game, “I am confident about the transparency of doping control.” The National Athletics Federation has decided next month to see if the competitor is allowed to participate in the Rio August Olympics. “If there is evidence of an organized system, other sports, the International Federation, and the IOC will have to make difficult decisions between collective and individual responsibility,” said Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko. Wrote in the Sunday Times. Pity and “shameful” scams of athletes not caught by their anti-doping system. But he ceased to recognize that the athletics drug scandal was a state sponsor and said the athletes. The world after deceiving ALISs and the IOC announced that it was found after re-examination of 454 samples collected during the Beijing Olympics at the 31st positive test of 2008 “. Kommentarii Bach, one day I came to

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