TOUTNEN STEP DAVIS PLAINS of SAUTGEMPTON was rejected twice because it broke the second place 

Steven Davies made Tottenham 2nd and scored 2 in Southampton, Maine Sung Hyun Min picked up the ball on the empty net through Forster and pursued the desperate case of the knife. When JanVertöngen’s Spurs went out of the lineup, Middielder Davis won and the substitute Shadli helped reduce the host’s downtime, but he did his best. After challenging the season’s most season title in the Premier League, Tottenham is second with 10 points behind the Leicester champions, three points ahead of Arsenal’s local competitors. Mauricio Pochettino received high praise this season for being taught in Tottenham for steel, but they were not enough in the past, but they came up with short things and from the winning position Dropped 20 points-the most in the department-but plays a big role

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