I do not like Nico Rosberg for Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 

Mercedes has rejected Nico Rosberg’s positive criticism of the Lewis Hamilton team this season and has been criticized on social networks to decide “disgust, opposition, and conspiracy.” Sunday’s Grand Prix-Russia had not water pressure as engine for last 16 laps-“Hamilton cars finished. They admit that they did not meet their” reliability expectations “in 2016. At the beginning of this season, we scored Rosberg 43 points-this is equivalent to victory and second place, and the world champions have left the possibility of even more difficulties at the end of the season. The penalty for using the network exceeds the number of parts allowed at some stage, but the letter is passionate for fans who criticize the group that Rosberg is trying to adjust to reconsider the championship. It is an appeal. Our goal is not only to be fast, but also to be bulletproof. Managing issues is not easy, but it is about understanding and fixing them so they never happen again. “But there is no guarantee. It’s a mechanical sport to balance the efficiency and durability of the knife. It needs to be pushed across boundaries, which can cause failures,” said Mercedes. You are The entire team is “embarrassed and devastating” In addition, Hamilton experienced the same setback in the mixed system’s drive during the two qualifying sessions in China and Russia, but overnight spare parts for Russia I tried to fly. Not in the pit lane, this letter explains in detail the driving force of the problem that both cars suffered on the way to the double race-they say they have seen ‘disturbing action’-mgu-k rosberg “We secured him and he did a few laps after the pit stop-part of the mixing system that recovers energy from the rear axles, he was a good break in the relationship with Lewis, and fi we Mr. Hamilton said that the water pressure on the problem happened soon after a while, and Britton gave Rosberg the fastest lap and closing. The About communication between the team and the driver) “,-g He had no water pressure, equivalent to about a quarter of the race,” he worked at his sister’s car and still the second place Was really great.” “I’m limp across the line.”

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