Nico Rosberg wins Grand Prix-Russia have won their fourth consecutive season this season as Louis Hamilton fought to the end of the second round. 1xbetm managed his hoped title, a race to limit damage after repair, but after an engine failure in qualifying, but Rosberg’s victory prolongs his championship and leads to 43 points.Beat Red Bull twice. After passing Williams driver Waltteri Bottas and reaching a second on lap 19, he began to recover Rosberg well, but from lap 30 to lap 6, he shortened from 12.1 seconds to 7.5. How the 1xbet bookmaker Hamilton started to close said that the speed difference prior to Rosberg was moving, but it is still close to a few laps after Germany clearly maintained air pressure, they said there is water pressure in the engine saying. At the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the British finished second and Finns were able to comfortably hold the Ferrari area trains. Twiceraykkonen-Vettel team is taken from two separate clashes with Quat in the first lap, two claims openly after the previous race in China when Vettel counts in turn inside Quat-down Most of the observers believed that Vettel’s criticism in Shanghai was unfair, but without doubt he thought Squat was wrong in Sochi. Veteran Spatt was given 10 seconds to stop cursing the radio team, before returning from his car to the pits and getting a scooter to clearly feel Red Bull’s boss Christian Christian Horner. But, speaking to reporters, Vettel-its fluent mood was different from his anger after China. Of course things happen but they are cruel. The race is very long, you can make progress on the first lap, but you can finish the race. “It wasn’t my fault-there was nothing.” I think he made a mistake two weeks ago and I think he made a mistake today.”

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