CLAUDIO RANIERI: LESTER BOSS may not have seen the very attractive TOTHENHAM GAME 

Formerly Leicester’s boss Claudio can not see the definitive match between Chelsea and Tottenham on Monday, as he is in flight from Italy. In the 1xbet bookmaker premiere league, Tottenham won’t win on Stanford Bridge, saying, “I want to see the match but it’s Tottenham from Italy.” My mother is 96 years old. “Italian has never won a Top League title in his coaching career, but Leicester has only scored 2 points from fame after 1-1-draw with Manchester United on Sunday but previously Wanted the spur that left 3 games to extend Leicester-please wait. “In my opinion, Tottenham will win all three games,” he said, but now he is concentrating on eleven. “Defender Danny Simpson says, player Leicester will see if Tottenham stumbles. We are preparing to watch the game tomorrow. Bookmaker 1xbet” To win the title He was “satisfied,” he said because he knew that it was a difficult game, not here to come here to work. In the first 15 minutes I was a little scared, but I scored at the right time and gained more confidence Weiss Morgan, who scored Leicester-Equalizer called the result a “step in the right direction”. As it is owned by “Manchester United”, it was necessary to dig in firmly. [title] is not ours until both hands get the trophy. “In my opinion, this is not a [red card],” “If Rooney is not grayed out at the end of the box, it is a [second] yellow card. Marouane Fellaini like Robert Hut’s elbow should not punish the referee. Osho shows with him.


Leicester City-In the 2016 Premier League, victory highlights the sport’s history.Under the leadership of 1xbet new, simultaneously fooling managers drove along an established team with one ex-League non-larva, unique resource and pedigree winner title, but this is the most wonderful Is it time? More romantic, more impossible, and more exciting than in any other year than in any other year, has the sport or the state been abandoned? Do you want romance or do you want impossible? Every day, John is not an empty underdog in 1991, we are a title group, a newcomer who did not cut off nearly half of his tournaments, and he did not even attend properly. When the players began to fall on him, that day-blondes, bras, bad shirts, trousers-instead of getting worse, driving the club to the trunk of his car and driving 8 hours from his home in Indianapolis did. Before, I was not playing, but there was a birth when my nickname wife started, on the night before the first round of Zimbabwe there was no chubby chubby. There is no time for practice. 1 x bet book maker price is only Cadillac, Jeff. “Medrine, if it helped him on the first morning, it was like a guided blind dog,” said his game was a partner and Billy Andrei. “The answer was stronger than anyone else. Data-Huge driving only matches smoking without knowing his fatigue. After series 69, 67, 69, he won 3 shots on one of his highest golf shots to the final round. This was the motive of life-his victory was celebrated in McDonald’s Drive, he stabbed his head in the sunshine and hired a limousine, spontaneously, an American in the family as a $ 30,000 spectator , At the beginning of the tournament will be killed by lightning (we later invited her orphans to the university). A career through four marriages (at the moment) and an estimated $ 1 million gambling. His huge trailer from this area was cut for the week of August; Hooters is a master, everyone has great golf but he does not play professional golf anymore. He passed four rounds of the 18 holes, against the best players in the world, and came out to the top-at the same time, the Leicester-1xbet champion’s title is a necessity for overwhelming superiority in the season 38 game The result is certainly to win the great one-off frustration that the sport throws away when they met an inconspicuous heavyweight world title in Tokyo 26 years ago. Tyson was 37 out of 37 professional fights, of which 33 were in the ring. Douglas is a 42-1 doll, at an amazing price for two, the competition is physically ill, suffers from flu, and is emotionally affected by the death of the mother Thyson on canvas in the eighth round Douglas Had the tenth he even fell himself, the victim had as many rumors and arrogant brutal uppercuts as his opponent. Before Cassius became Mohammed Ali and Ali changed the world, 26 years ago he was as upset as Cassius as he beat Sonny Liston in Miami and was at least as good as Douglas boxing. The sensational Goblet Douglas of England’s coup can not support him as an outsider of the day. Revolution of your own routine.

I do not like Nico Rosberg for Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 

Mercedes has rejected Nico Rosberg’s positive criticism of the Lewis Hamilton team this season and has been criticized on social networks to decide “disgust, opposition, and conspiracy.” Sunday’s Grand Prix-Russia had not water pressure as engine for last 16 laps-“Hamilton cars finished. They admit that they did not meet their” reliability expectations “in 2016. At the beginning of this season, we scored Rosberg 43 points-this is equivalent to victory and second place, and the world champions have left the possibility of even more difficulties at the end of the season. The penalty for using the network exceeds the number of parts allowed at some stage, but the letter is passionate for fans who criticize the group that Rosberg is trying to adjust to reconsider the championship. It is an appeal. Our goal is not only to be fast, but also to be bulletproof. Managing issues is not easy, but it is about understanding and fixing them so they never happen again. “But there is no guarantee. It’s a mechanical sport to balance the efficiency and durability of the knife. It needs to be pushed across boundaries, which can cause failures,” said Mercedes. You are The entire team is “embarrassed and devastating” In addition, Hamilton experienced the same setback in the mixed system’s drive during the two qualifying sessions in China and Russia, but overnight spare parts for Russia I tried to fly. Not in the pit lane, this letter explains in detail the driving force of the problem that both cars suffered on the way to the double race-they say they have seen ‘disturbing action’-mgu-k rosberg “We secured him and he did a few laps after the pit stop-part of the mixing system that recovers energy from the rear axles, he was a good break in the relationship with Lewis, and fi we Mr. Hamilton said that the water pressure on the problem happened soon after a while, and Britton gave Rosberg the fastest lap and closing. The About communication between the team and the driver) “,-g He had no water pressure, equivalent to about a quarter of the race,” he worked at his sister’s car and still the second place Was really great.” “I’m limp across the line.”

Thomas Bach: Possible UN ban over Russia 

Other Russian sports federations may be banned if the state’s latest statement on automatic doping is proven, Olympic president Thomas Bach said. Russia in track and field sports has stated that it has expressed “crime of unimaginable level”.President Bach, the Imperial Commission (IOC), said that, if proven, the recent allegations by former Russian anti-doping agent worker Stepanov will be “a shocking new phase in doping”. According to a separate report by the New York Times, former Prime Minister of the Anti-Doping Institute in Moscow, Rodchenkov is part of a large state program with dozens of athletes including at least 15 medalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics Claims to be. Bach said the IOC “apply a policy of zero tolerance not only on individual athletes, but on the entire environment of its entire range.” “The adoption of the suspension or exclusion of the All National Federation, as it already exists for the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) for athletics,” said Germany. The Ngovoy Agency (WADA) investigated suspicions in Sochi, while the Russian sports world said in a winter game, “I am confident about the transparency of doping control.” The National Athletics Federation has decided next month to see if the competitor is allowed to participate in the Rio August Olympics. “If there is evidence of an organized system, other sports, the International Federation, and the IOC will have to make difficult decisions between collective and individual responsibility,” said Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko. Wrote in the Sunday Times. Pity and “shameful” scams of athletes not caught by their anti-doping system. But he ceased to recognize that the athletics drug scandal was a state sponsor and said the athletes. The world after deceiving ALISs and the IOC announced that it was found after re-examination of 454 samples collected during the Beijing Olympics at the 31st positive test of 2008 “. Kommentarii Bach, one day I came to

David Ginola: The original French wing has four reverse shunts of the heart 

Former winger David Ginola from France is recovering at a hospital that has had 4 bypass surgery in Monaco and 49-year-old former Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton retired in 2002 on Thursday in southern France Fell over. Surgeon, talking on the family of authority, live it and has said, “was very lucky” to BBC Sport Ginola: tweets from Friday Ginola account “Hello, I do not sleep, I’m fine, rest a little Needed, “David happened a kind of charity football game. Suddenly he lost his mind and people thought it was a joke, but after a minute or two he realized it was serious, said Gilles Dreyfuss, a heart surgery professor in the heart of Monaco. He was trained by CPR because otherwise he would have died. Then they called the rescue team who arrived with cardiac arrest 8 minutes later with him. “I talked to the captain, and he knew that I was in the ambulance. My personality is because she looked at it in the morning and asked someone, “If not, maybe she would not find him in time to save him.” Mind, he was shocked four times on the spot, they were able to recover normally Heart rhythm and within 10 minutes a helicopter arrived to transport him to the center of Monaco. “I decided to transfer him to the operating room, and he immediately received a difficult quadruple of heart bypass,” he got up this morning. There is no neurological damage, and recovery after passing the detour is, in principle, impossible for anyone. “ANGLIA AGAINST JAPAN LANKA: With the continuing partnership between Alex Hales & Johns BA IRS TOWING E Alex Hales and Jonny Bairstow, England has escaped from the characteristic collapse of the blow. Ranki benefited from a swingballer’s bad blow and good conditions, but the test was not the one from the opening hales, but the best result out of 71, and the 54 gray clouds unbeaten than 54 in Yorkshire are the first tourists The ball was not beaten as they were invited to take him to England, and they wanted to repeat their famous victory here two years ago.

JAMIE Miss National Entertainment Games for Weddings 

Leicester City striker Jamie’s 29-year-old child postponed the wedding last year and then moved him from June to play at the Euro 2016. England national team Roy Hodgson said it should give Vardy an appropriate time to marry, but Frontman longs to return home as soon as possible: “The boss gives Wednesday to marry me But then I will return to training, “Hodgson added. His team or team’s location is currently down Valdi, who scored 24 to help Leicester win the title in the Premier League, will start winning on the far left of Front 3 in Turkey on Sunday did.Tottenham Hotspot Kane took the lead in England and Australia won their second win at the Sunderland Light Stadium in the second game of the second round of the European Championship on June 2nd. Manchester United and Liverpool players lost every Saturday at the FA Cup Final, where Liverpool played in the Wednesday’s European League Final. United striker was impressed by the FA Cup victory over Crystal Palace, but had problems with his knees. Hodgson said.

But where is what this starts to get difficult for the island 

“Mike Friday does not think that Ireland can beat 10 seconds and throw in the fastest runner Top Echelon,” said the Sevens Charisma coach in the United States.I cancel this out here now, “British told CNN in the London Sevens final,” it missed as he recovered from his injury. “There is no cat in hell by accident. Karin will belong to the US team’s track team.” More importantly, Karin is not fast enough to create a US track team. Last year’s 7-10 American players think the N-track was less than 10 seconds. “So he is the fastest man in rugby, but in many other countries it will be enough. It will be just over 10 seconds to get them on the team,” added Friday. The person who performed sub-10. “And even if it’s the Isles,” the battered training and competition modes are easy Rugby and Athletics: Athletics meets its power to the south of 10, he is forced to make his career’s most difficult decisions Is it? “It’s not my problem to say if he can do that-he is unlikely to be able to do so,” explains 44-year-old Friday.

Human Match-Pie (France) 

French manager Didier Deschamps recently said that something happens every time you touch the ball, and a West Ham star proved it directly. He seemed to be the only player who could open to Romania. They said French manager Didier Deschamps:. “This was a tricky game. Romania made it difficult-in the first 20-25 minutes we struggled to open the tournament game, how to play in the cup final, and We were a bit, “But I won and won four attack players. They are glad they got it.” Former French striker Thierry Henry’s BBC Radio 5’s It was broadcasted live.Brazil, he participated in each qualifying match, but they took it from him .. “Today you saw an injured man. You did not take me to the World Cup And I’m going to show you he wanted every ball, you can’t win the game yourself, but a blow … my god, “from him what is happening to him now No one would accept the question, he showed tremendous desire, and he was the one who advanced the team.”

TOUTNEN STEP DAVIS PLAINS of SAUTGEMPTON was rejected twice because it broke the second place 

Steven Davies made Tottenham 2nd and scored 2 in Southampton, Maine Sung Hyun Min picked up the ball on the empty net through Forster and pursued the desperate case of the knife. When JanVertöngen’s Spurs went out of the lineup, Middielder Davis won and the substitute Shadli helped reduce the host’s downtime, but he did his best. After challenging the season’s most season title in the Premier League, Tottenham is second with 10 points behind the Leicester champions, three points ahead of Arsenal’s local competitors. Mauricio Pochettino received high praise this season for being taught in Tottenham for steel, but they were not enough in the past, but they came up with short things and from the winning position Dropped 20 points-the most in the department-but plays a big role

ALISTER KUK 10000 TEST WORKS: Author of Epic Beast Writers 

Alistair Cook 10,000 test pieces: The epic novel novelist Alistair Cook closed his 10,000th trial run in the first test against Sri Lanka and his collaboration with Alex Hales over the first 15 of the match I let it run 28 times. Because this is cricket, the contrast only helps to highlight Cook’s special attraction as a Batman. In the world of fast-forward, he is a player from another era, the author of an epic fiction novel in the era of tweets, and perhaps the last purest test expert writer Cook who his country produces, is the same as international cricket in England this summer The way it was judged-if amalgam’s success with each of the different forms has a direct impact on the other form-it will appear dated in one dimension. There were only 60 shots out of ten thousand times when the rope was cleared, but the one-dimensional date was decided for the cricket cricket test recipe. When the Capt. Essex at the time of the draw first saw him in Chelmsford’s net, he could still see the crease, an unexpectedly unique Shiv Narin Chander Paul to pass through the twelve to ten thousand billboards Is already possible, continued repertoire. Cook also had the lowest average in this elite set, spending his entire career at the top of the order (Sniel Gabasca moved slowly), and he was the only one who decided to work on such a clip. It is unfair compared to Chanderpaul, which took 18 years and 37 days. Cook shares the following style with Rahul Dravid: In terms of time up to 10,000 tracks, and with more than 15 innings, the disposition with Steve Vogh is the same. When the case was requested, Australia defined it as much of his mental power as his stroke play, in order to get it most needed, or to earn a ton with one foot.